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What To expect When Your Loved One Passes

Where do I begin?

We appreciate that you and your family are grieving and it is easy to get confused at this testing time.

Tom and Birgitt arrange funerals day in and day out. It is our job and our duty as funeral directors to sit down with you and your family and take the time to reflect on your loved ones life. This makes the process of organising a funeral service that warrants a farewell to suit your loved one a little easier.

Every individual is different which means every service is different. However, it can be an overwhelming process to know where to begin.

FAQ About Where To Begin

Who do I notify?

When your loved one passes, it’s common courtesy to notify friends and family. However, there are other organisations that need to be notified as well. Some of these organisations include:

  • Centrelink and the Australian Tax Office

  • Medicare

  • The Road and Martime Services department (RMS)

  • Utilities that may be under their name, including electricity, water, phone and internet

  • Any subscription services that they might have had

  • Medical services, which include their local doctors, chemists and dentists

  • Their employer and superannuation company

  • Banks and insurance companies, including home insurance, funeral insurance, car insurance and health insurance

  • Their solicitor

What legal documents do I need to know about?

A will

The only way to insure the distribution of a person’s property according to their wishes is by a document called a will. For a will to take effect from the time of the death of its maker, it needs to be executed properly.

A solicitor or trustee company can assist in the making out of a valid will. If a person dies without a valid will, part of their estate could go to a person whom they may not wish to benefit. Remember that a will is revoked by subsequent marriage, so it is necessary to draw up a new will on re marriage.

Life assurance/insurance and other documents

Many people have life assurance/insurance policies and other documents in a safe place, but often neglect to tell other family members where these are kept. To assist the person attending to your estate, it is recommended they be advised of these documents and their location. It is also advisable to keep a record of documents kept with banks and solicitors, etc, to enable prompt access when the need arises.

Am I able to have a traditional religious service?

At Affinity Funerals, we understand the importance of having a religious service and the meaning it has for families.

We respect all denominations and liaise with:

  • Priests

  • Clergys

  • Civil celebrants

Some religions have strict guidelines for us as funeral directors to follow. However, our experience in all types of cultural funeral services make it that much easier for your loved one’s service to be carried out in a respectful way. 

For those who don’t want a religious service, we have excellent male and female celebrants to carry out your funeral service.

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