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The Arrangement Process

We receive your call to notify us of a death.
Once this call has been received, we take the immediate details of what has happened. We then contact the hospital, nursing home or coroner to arrange the necessary medical certificates and permits. Once the permits and certificate have been arranged, our caring mortuary transport staff will be on the road to transport the deceased to our premises and into our care.

Meeting with our Funeral Arranger

After contacting one of our staff, you will then make an appointment with our funeral arranger, who will assist you in choosing a funeral service.

Our funeral arranger will then bring all the necessary documents to you & assist you in filling them out. This will be the time to organise the final details of the funeral services. Some of the details that will be discussed and need to be decided during this appointment include:

Floral arrangements





Clothing for your loved one

Newspaper notices

If you’re unsure as to where to start, the funeral directors, Tom and Birgitt, will lend a guiding hand to answer your questions and assist you with the decision making process.

On most occasions, we will be able to provide you with an itemised total cost of the service before we leave.

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