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We don't feel quite so alone in our grief.

The following page contains a few beautiful poems that you may use for your funeral service.

For more options, please view our full comprehensive list of poems here. 

For our religious poems, view here.

We are always open to new ideas regarding new poems and verses. If you have any suggestions please send us an email to 

An angel lived among us,

A gift from God above.

She showered us with kindness

And shared with us her love. 

She cherished every moment

With the man who was her life;

Walking hand in hand together,

Facing life with all its strife. 

An Angel

Clear Sky.jpg

She loved her children dearly,

Each one a different way,

Nestled close within her heart.

Though, now, she’s far away. 

She’s gone to live with Jesus.

But, she’s here with us, today,

Smiling down on every one of us,

And telling us she’s O.K.

Author Unknown.

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