Funeral Directors Western Sydney

Affinity Funerals service all metropolitan areas of Sydney, regional areas as well as providing overseas repatriation

Funeral Directors in Western Sydney

With our mortuary facilities based in Kings Park, Affinity Funerals are able to serve families in need of a funeral director in Western Sydney.

With our own in-house mortuary facilities as well as a refrigerated mortuary vehicle that ensures your loved one will arrive into our care safely, Affinity Funerals endeavours to take the utmost care of your loved ones after they have passed.

We are 100% family owned

Affinity Funerals have been family owned since Tom and Birgitt Turner established themselves in 2009. 

Affinity Funerals are one of the last remaining private and independently owned funeral homes. We intend on keeping it that way.


Multiple years of experience in the funeral industry

They have a combined 20 years of experience within the funeral industry and will use this experience to guide you through the funeral planning process.

Affinity Funerals also have access to celebrants who have worked in the industry for over 30 years.

Personalised funeral services

Affinity Funerals will work with you and your family to ensure that the funeral service accurately represents your loved one.

Affinity Funerals can guide you through the entire process and can provide support through these difficult times.

In-house facilities

Affinity Funerals have their own mortuary facilities on site in Kings Park.

These mortuary facilities are compliant and held up to code by the NSW Funeral Directors Association.

Affinity Funerals also have a refrigerated mortuary vehicle that will transport your loved one to our facilities.

For more information on funeral directors in the Western Sydney area,

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