Our funeral services

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At Affinity Funerals Funeral Directors Sydney, we offer a range of services to ensure that you and your family are looked after in this trying time. Making a decision about your loved one after they have passed is never easy, but Affinity Funerals Sydney will provide a professional and comforting service no matter what you’re after.

 These services include:


Burial is an option for you and your loved one.

The decision will need to be made between a casket and a coffin as well as deciding the location of your preferred burial plot. 

Depending on your religion and culture, you might prefer burial over cremation.

For burials in the wider Sydney area, Affinity Funerals Sydney Funeral Director looks after everything from picking your plot to arranging the open and closing of the grave.


Funeral Cremation


Cremation is an option to consider for the passing of your loved one. This is an alternative to the traditional route of burial in a coffin or a casket.


Affinity Funerals Sydney Funeral Director have its own mortuary with the latest technology and equipment.


This will ensure that your loved one will never leave our care from the initial funeral arrangement up until the final cremation. 




Grief Support

As we have been around for years, there’s one thing that we know for certain. People grieve in a variety of different ways and the grieving process is natural.

As you’re grieving your loved one, it can be difficult to adjust to the loss. We provide grief support for those who need a listening ear and support whilst going through the funeral process.



An interment is where your loved one is buried in a crypt or a tomb. This can also include the interment of ashes into a wall in a cemetery or a burial plot.

Affinity Funerals Sydney Funeral Director is able to help you with your interment needs whilst also lending their guidance and support.



if your loved ones final wish was to be sent back to their home country, Affinity Funerals Sydney Funeral Director is able to help make that a reality.

Affinity Funerals Sydney Funeral Director offer repatriation, which is the process of sending a loved one back to their own country.

Let Affinity Funeral Director Sydney Lend a Helping Hand to your family