Christmas time is slowly approaching in Sydney, Australia and with it so does the festive sensation and overall feeling of warmth. However, this mood can quickly be devastated if you lost a loved one. Having to deal and cope with the loss of a loved one is especially tough during festive times such as Christmas, for instance. We at Affinity Funerals are devoted to providing you with the best funeral service and, if we can, even with some potentially helpful advice.

With this being said, let’s take a look at a few things that you can do in order to cope with your grieving throughout the holiday season. We know that this is an incredibly tough thing to get over but hopefully with the following tips you can get through it easier.


Decide on the Change of Traditions

The first thing that you need to do is to acknowledge that this year’s, as well as every other year’s holidays, are not going to be the same. It’s time to make some tough calls – which traditions you want to change and which ones do you want to keep? This is something that’s going to be painful at first but, ultimately, it’s going to help you get through with your emotions.


Create a New Tradition

Now is the time to commemorate your loved one. Create a new tradition – one that’s going to be in memory of the person you’ve lost. This is especially essential for Christmas time when you are together with your entire family. This is going to help you get through the grieving, and it’s going to create a bonding new tradition in memory of a person that you cherished and love. These emotions will be transferred to the tradition, and it’s going to become something particularly incredible.


Be Considerate

The truth is terrible. You’ve lost someone you love, and that’s a fact. However, it’s also true that not everyone is going to feel the same way. You have your rights to grieve but you shouldn’t ruin your friends’ celebrations as well. Furthermore, different people will be grieving in different ways and you would need to acknowledge this and get used to it.


You need to be honest with people. If you don’t feel like celebrating Christmas then you shouldn’t do it. Do whatever you feel is going to help you cope. With this in mind, Affinity Funerals is here to help with whatever we can in terms of organisation. Should you need any further assistance, simply give us a call.